Resolution of the international conference «Crimea in the modern international context»



100 years ago, the First World War ended, one of the most terrible in the history of the humankind, which took the lives of more than 11 million people around the world, and the exodus and division of the Russian people caused by the civil war began.

Today, the world is once again on the verge of a global conflict with unpredictable consequences, which challenges the fate of future generations.

In this regard, we, the participants of the International Conference Crimea in the Modern International Context, note the following. 

  1. Beneath our eyes, the world order that had existed for the past 70 years is collapsing. The system of international treaties and agreements providing peace and security is unceremoniously and mindlessly dismantled by the USA and its closest satellites.
  2. Washington’s attempts to destroy the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (INF), which is one of the foundations of the modern arms control regime, pose a particular threat. The system of treaties concerning the limitation of strategic and offensive arms is also being challenged.
  3. The ring of NATO states, on the territory of which bases are being formed for the subsequent aggression against Russia, is becoming more and more clenched around Russia. They are trying to drag Russia into the arms race and undermine its economy and substantially damage the living standards of the population.
  4. The illegal policy of anti-Russian economic sanctions is expanding aimed at undermining the economic stability of Russia and illegally gaining competitive advantages on the world market.
  5. Another focus of the struggle against Russia is to undermine the traditional values of Russian society. The unity of the Russian Orthodox Church as one of the foundations of a tolerant and multi-confessional Russian societyis a major target in this struggle.
  6. An unbridled informational and political-diplomatic war has been unleashed against Russia.
  7. The part of historical Rus, which became an independent state, Ukraine, has been turned into a powerful tool for destabilization and struggle against Russia.
  8. In the midst of the anti-Russian struggle is the Crimea, where the Russian civilization originated a thousand years ago. A total blockade violating fundamental human rights is continuing against the Republic of Crimea and its people.
  9. The norms of international law as a necessary regulator in the field of international relations are disregarded.

Under these conditions, when governments and international organizations do not cope with the functions of ensuring peace, stability, and diverse cooperation between countries, the role of civil society in establishing a meaningful dialogue between nations increases significantly.

The role of the institutions of people’s diplomacy is especially great – friendship societies, organizations struggling for peace, youth, women, students, environmental, professional associations, local and regional authorities of the countries around the world as well as a dialogue between the representatives of world religions and civilizations.

Based on these tasks, the conference participants:

-     Appeal to nations and parliaments, public associations and sensible politicians of NATO and the EU countries to call on their governments to take decisive measures in favor of establishing a peaceful dialogue between countries, restoring the security system in Europe and in the world, preventing a new dangerous arms race, eliminating trouble spots posing a deathly threat to the world;

-     Support the proposal to hold a Summit of Civilizations and to proclaim the World Decade of Partnership of Civilizations (2021-2030) within the framework of the 75th Anniversary Session of the UN General Assembly in 2020;

-     Declare for holding a European forum of people’s diplomacy, for meaningful cooperation with Russia, as well as with other countries of the world, and also for ending the illegal sanctions policy;

-     Express support for the people of Donbas suffering from the terroristic methods used by Kiev against them and appeal to the international community and the Ukrainian authorities to promote a peaceful, fair, and humane solution to the armed conflict;

-     Emphasize the importance of recognizing the legitimacy of the will of the Crimean people expressed in the spring of 2014 and removing the Crimean theme from the political agenda in relationships of Western countries with Russia;

-     Declare the need to develop and strengthen the international movement in support of the Crimea and welcome the creation of new clubs of the Friends of Crimea in various countries of the world;

-     Support an end to the information war, the distribution of objective information on the international agenda, the end to the blockade of the Crimea and the persecution of citizens visiting the Crimea;

-     Call for ending the “double standards” policy in regulating international relations and enhancing the role of international law as the most effective and objective mechanism in resolving international disputes and conflicts;

-     Call upon the conference participants to distribute this resolution in the parliaments and media of their states as well as in social networks.


October 25, 2018

Livadia Palace,

City of Yalta, the Republic of Crimea,

the Russian Federation